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Hey, my name is Vicky and I’m a founding member of QCS and am on the Computer Science pathway (I probably would have picked Software Engineering had it been available in 2010). I was initially secretary and now I’m on the PR Team as I carry out my placement year at Asidua. As secretary my roles were arranging meetings, taking minutes (this normally got derailed with “The committee sat around and discussed their mutual dislike for certain modules for some time”), writing agendas, and general correspondence.

In regards to my PR Team duties this year, I have been making events, updating our social networking pages, and worked on obtaining sponsorship for some of our events. It’s been busy keeping on top of both the committee dealings and placement work but it’s also pretty cool as it’s a good way to keep in touch with people who are still at university, as I gaze down from my throne of temporary employment that allows me to buy more pizza (just kidding, I miss lie-ins, but I love pizza).

Regardless, being a member of the committee has given me a wealth of opportunities to be in positions of responsibility (sometimes scary, but invaluable experience), make networking connections by contacting people for talks and events, and meet some amazing friends. This works wonders for boosting confidence within your own abilities, and there is nothing more rewarding then seeing society members happy at the end of a night that a lot of planning has gone into behind the scenes.

If you’re even thinking about maybe being more involved in university life, and would like a few extras to be able to add to your CV, please consider volunteering to be a member of the QCS committee when the next AGM comes around (each May) – you won’t regret it. Being involved in a Club or Society also contributes towards the Degree Plus programme, and at the very least, you’ll come away having met some new friends.

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