1.     Name:

1.1  The name of the Society shall be “Queen’s Computing Society (QCS)”, hereafter referred to as ‘the Society’.


2.     Object/Aims:

2.1  The objects/aims of the Society shall be:


  • To provide a sense of community and belonging to all those doing a degree in a computing pathway.
  • To provide a variety of entertainment events aimed at promoting the community spirit amongst students on computing pathways.
  • To promote the Queen’s University of Belfast as one of the leading UK Universities for computer science.
  • To promote Computer Science and the other computing degrees within the University itself.
  • To provide support and advice to those studying computing degrees.


3.     Membership:

3.1  Full membership is open to all registered students of Queen’s University upon payment of a subscription fee as set by the committee of the society.


3.2  Associate Membership is open to Non-students, academic staff and union staff upon payment of a subscription fee as set by the committee of the society


3.3  At an appropriate time the committee may suggest the award of an honorary Membership to any person, subject to the approval of the Society.


4.     The Committee:


4.1  The Society shall have an Executive Committee elected annually by the membership (hereafter “the committee”) to direct ongoing activities and foster the aims of the Society.


4.2  The committee shall be composed of Officers and Co-options.


4.3  The full membership of the Committee shall be composed of  the:

a. President

b.   Vice President

c.    Secretary

d.   Treasurer

e.   Public Relations Officers


4.4  Assistant positions shall be filled by co-option by the committee as the need arises.  Sub-committees may be co-opted where the need arises and at the discretion of the committee.


5.     Responsibilities of the Officers:


5.1  The Chairperson: The Chairperson shall oversee the general running of the Society and shall be answerable to the Committee.


5.2  Vice Chairperson: The Vice-Chairperson will deputise for the Chairperson whenever the latter is unable to fulfil his/her duties.  In the event of the Chairperson resignation, the Vice-Chairperson will act as a temporary Chairperson until the latter position is replaced at a general meeting of the membership.  In the Chairperson absence, the Vice-Chairperson will carry out the duties outlined in item 5.1 of this constitution.


5.3  Secretary: The Secretary will take minutes at all meetings of the Society.  The Secretary will be responsible for all the correspondence of the Society and shall keep a record of it.  They are also responsible for providing the Vice President Clubs and Societies with an annual report, not later than the 30th June.


5.4  Treasurer: The Treasurer will have responsibility for all the Society’s finances.  For the collection of subscriptions and the maintenance of accounts.  The Treasurer will provide reports to the Committee on the financial standing of the Society and a detailed report of the Society’s financial status at the Annual General Meeting.  The Treasurer is also responsible for communicating with the Vice President Clubs and Societies on financial matters including the provision of estimates for expenditure. Where the Society is eligible to apply for grant funding from the Students’ Union, the Treasurer shall work with the other Officers to submit a Recurrent Grant Application alongside the Annual Report.


5.5  The Public Relations Officers (PRO).  The PRO will be responsible for publicity relating to the Society, such as posters, leaflets, internet and other mediums used to advertise the Society’s activities.  The PRO will produce these in consultation with the Committee.  The PRO will also be responsible for all publicity outside of the University in relation to the Society’s activities, contacting members of the media and other people deemed appropriate by the Committee.


5.6  Ordinary Members: The ordinary members of the Committee shall be delegated any other duties by the Chairperson as are seen fit.  (if these posts are already fixed in any Society, the various duties attached should be listed here giving a job distribution – as is above)


6.     Eligibility, Nomination, and Election of Officers:


6.1  Eligibility in the case of the Executive Committee is derived from all fully paid-up Full Members of the society.


6.2  Eligibility in the case of the Ordinary Committee is derived from all fully paid-up Full and Associate Members of the society.


6.3  The full Officers of the Society shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


6.4  Associate members shall have the same privileges as full members, except the privilege of voting in meetings, to hold Executive office in the society, or to vote in elections.


6.5  Only fully paid-up Full Members of the Society can vote at elections and annual general meetings.


6.6  Candidates for election to any office must be nominated and seconded by a full/ordinary member of the Society in writing.  The Secretary must receive nominations at least three (3) days before the AGM.  If two or more candidates run for the same position, a vote will be taken of the members present at the AGM.  All elections will be through secret ballot.


6.7  No one shall be admitted to membership less than 24 hours before an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting


7.     Meetings of the Society – Annual General Meeting and General meetings:


7.1  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society shall be held  in the second term each year, before April 1st


7.2  Notice of the AGM shall be issued at least fourteen (14) clear days in advance.  Notice should be given through posting on the Society’s notice board, on the Societies web site or otherwise publicised to the members giving the date and time of the meeting and the fact that elections to the Committee will take place thereat.


7.3  The matters to be discussed at the AGM must be posted on the Society’s notice board or otherwise publicised to members not less than three (3) days prior to the meeting.


7.4  The AGM shall be open to all students who are members, and members of the academic staff.


7.5  At the AGM officers shall read their reports of the Society’s activities for the year, and the election of a new Committee shall take place.


7.6  The committee shall meet at least twice during each term (usually the committees would meet once every fortnight during term).  The quorum for such meetings is deemed to be half the committee members or 2/3 of the member of the society.


7.7  A general meeting of the Society may be called by the Committee or by 25% members of the Society presenting a signed petition to the Committee.  Notices shall be issued at least ten (10) clear days in advance.


7.8  An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called following the procedure set out in 7.7 above for General Meetings.


8.     Dismissal of a Member:


8.1  Any member found to be placing the Society in disrepute or disregarding the constitution will be ordered to appear before an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society.  If the accusations are proven then the meeting has the right to revoke the membership of the guilty party.  A suspension of any length can also be handed out.


8.2  If an Officer or a Committee member is absent from a committee meeting or a society meeting on three consecutive occasions without supplying apologies, he/she is deemed to have resigned.


9.     Amendments to this Constitution:


9.1  This Constitution may be amended by a majority of those present at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.  (The Society may set the size of a majority necessary, e.g. two-thirds)


9.2  Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed by the Committee or by 12 members of the Society, in writing to the Secretary within the time period set out in 7.7 above.


9.3  This constitution is binding as and from the date of being approved by both the Society and the Students Union Council.  All amendment must be approved by Council before they become effective


Constitution of Queens Computing Society (QCS)