Hey, my name is Conor Lee. I study computer science at QUB, I joined QCS in my first year and ended up on the committee. I was really unsure about university when I started though the society has helped me meet a ton of awesome people that have really changed the way I thought about my course and what I want to do.

I think that it is an amazing thing to be part of and would highly recommend everyone getting involved with the society and going to the events and it is usually good craic and you get the chance to talk to a lot of people that can help you out with problems that you are bound to run into. You also can find out about some good opportunities and the likes through the society and that can even change your idea of what you want to do when you finish your course.

But basically it is a good thing to be part of and there are a lot of people involved in the society so you’ll never be stuck with an idea and no one to help you work on it.


Hey everyone! My name is Raymond Dillon, and I was the founder of QCS back in 2011. I have been involved in university life in one way or another from the start – having sat on Student Council, Academic Board, Staff Student Consultative Committees as well as being the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School Rep. I’m entering my final year in Computer Science now so expect to see me in a panic in the labs! I hope that you all have a good year, and that you enjoy what QCS has to offer. See you around!


Welcome! I’m Diane Murdock the new Secretary for QCS. I currently study MEng Computer Science. I’m fairly well known around Queen’s for being the new School Rep for Electronics Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EEECS) and the face of Degree Plus! In my time at Queen’s I have interned all over the world in places such as Belfast, London, India and New York! If you need any help or advice I’m more than willing to get involved.


Hi! I’m Cailín Millar, your new treasurer for the QCS 2014/15. Im 19, in second year and currently studying Software Engineering. QCS has given me many great opportunities to meet new people, from pub crawls to formals, so be sure to get involved this year! Don’t be afraid to stop me and pester me about anything that’s on your mind!


Hi, I’m Mark Storey and I’m the Head of PR! I’m a founding member of the QCS and a former Vice President. I look forward to meeting you all, getting your thoughts, putting on some great events and creating a community for the Computing pathways! I’m currently in my Final Year of the Games Development Masters, feel free to approach me or message me whenever you like!


Hi guys I’m Chris Hunter and I’m part of the PR team for QCS! I’m currently in my thrid year and I’ve been part of QCS since the end of my first year in 2012,  and have been an active part of QCS since. I hope you all have a great time at Queen’s!


Hello! My name’s Kirstine Boyd and this is my first year on the committee. I’m studying the MEng computer science course and I am currently on my placement year with liberty it, I secured the scholarship with them in my first year, and really enjoy it, if you see me about campus feel free to ask any questions. I’d tell you a joke about UDP, but I’m not sure if you’d ACKnowlegde it…


Hey, my name is Vicky and I am a founding member of QCS and also in the PR team, and am currently in fourth year studying Computer Science. If you ever see me about feel free to say hi! Or hey. Or hello. etc.


Hi, I’m Adam, and no one reads these!


Hey, I’m Cormac and I’m currently studying Computer Science (MEng) at Queen’s. My role in QCS is on the PR team. Since my time at university I’ve has undergone internships in Belfast, India and China. I love to travel, meet new people and to skydive when I get the chance. I’m also into almost anything technology related, and you’ll probably find me in the labs more often than not this year. Feel free to give me a shout anytime, we hope to make this a great year for QCS!


Hey, my name’s Paul and I’m a member of the PR team for 2013/14. I’m a 21 year old Software Engineering student and I’m currently employed by Kainos Software Ltd. for my placement year! I spent my first year at QUB as a member of the QCS PR Team, then took on the role of President in 2012/13; both of which were fantastically rewarding experiences. I’ve made a lot of great friends through my involvement with QCS and I can’t recommend getting involved enough to you! Interest-wise I have an unhealthy addiction to football and I’m into anything tech-related! Don’t be afraid to give me a shout if you need a hand with anything.


Hey everyone, I’m Alex and I am currently a first year computer science student hoping to promote the great computing society events through my position on the PR team


Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute. Just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became a QCS PR member studying a course called Computer Science.


Hi, my name is Andrew Devlin and I have just started my first year in Queens. I am studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and this is my first year with the Queens Computer Science Committee as part of the PR team! Hope you all have a great year, and hopefully I will get to meet a lot of you people who are interested in computer science! See ya!




Founded May 2011 by Raymond Dillon


Committee 2014 – 2015

President – Conor Lee

Vice President – Raymond Dillon

Secretary –    Diane Murdock

Treasurer –  Cailín Millar

Head of PR – Mark Storey


PR Team

Kristine Boyd

Vicky Potts

Adam Whiteside

Chris Hunter

Cormac Quinn

Paul Acheson

Andrew Devlin

Alex Crowley

Annalisa Misra



Committee 2013 – 2014

President – Andrew Fletcher

Vice President – Vicky Potts

Secretary – Aisling Duffy

Treasurer – Alex Caskey

Head of PR – Chris Hunter


PR Team

Paul Acheson

Alex Caskey

Adam Smith

Dicky Li

Toireasa Moley

Jenny Moorehead



Committee 2012 – 2013

President – Paul Acheson

Vice President – Mark Storey

Secretary – Dicky Li

Treasurer – Aine Rice

Head of PR – Adam Whiteside


PR Team

Aisling Duffy

Vicky Potts

Maeve McCoy

Timothy McDonald

Adam Smith

Nigel Massey

Chris Hunter

Toireasa Moley

Adam McGivern

Andrew Fletcher

Pod O’Donnell


Committee 2011 – 2012

President – Raymond Dillon

Vice President – Emma Davidson

Secretary – Vicky Potts

Treasurer – Rebecca Dalzell

Head of PR – Mark Storey


PR Team

Danny Irwin

Alex Caskey

Aine Rice

Aisling Duffy

Paul Acheson

Adam Whiteside