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Get yer Playstation out – A QCS Challenge

Whether you had one then, still have one now, or just never felt interested, Playstation One (or PSX) is now at complete control of the people and their laptops!*

PSX emulators are a class way to squeeze some extra life from your laptop, or computer, provided that it has enough specs to reach the requirements! And the use of which will definitely amaze your friends when they see you playing games like the Crash Bandicoots, Wipeouts, Resident Evils, and of course Metal Gear Solid one!

You can use your old PSX discs in your CD drive, and you can also use ISO (and other Disk Image) files that you may, for some reason, have acquired through means perhaps like torrents or some other greyed out area of the copyright laws, that’s down to you, not me!


(disclaimer:) Note: it’s worth pointing out that this is a document created for the use of people who need it, in its entirety, and QCS is in no way claiming ownership, warranties, or extended knowledge of the contents and what they pertain to, i.e. This is 100% unofficial. “ePSXe” is a piece of software that wasn’t commercially published, therefore it hasn’t been commercially tested, so, in conclusion, you can not hold anyone responsible for problems that may arise in your system, or any issues of any kind with any bodies. Added to this, you cannot take this guide and use it elsewhere, unless you use it in it’s entirety with full and appropriate referencing.


But you probably do worse things with the internet!

Okay, so that’s done! Now, not many people are going to want to read this the whole way through – that’s why there’s sections, I’ll go through them in the order of the things that I got snagged on and you can just join in where you’re ready to if you’re not here do it from the start!

One last thought- if you really want to play even just one game, make sure you give this a go- the result is more than rewarding, as it would be! It’s similar to building a model… but you can play playstation games on it! It takes effort, some patience, and acquired experience from trial and error, so if you won’t enjoy this, don’t do it and make it look less enjoyable for the rest of us!

Crash Bandicoot


s1- Requirements
s2- Plugins
s3- Getting a Game to work
s4- Now that you’re playing…
s5- Try and Try again… with ePSXecutor!
s6- Advanced Troubleshooting
s7- One more wee thing…(PSXEC)

S1- requirements


Alright let me level with you: my personal favourite in PSemus would have to be ePSXe. It’s free, it has a large community, and I’ve already checked the downloads, so you know they aren’t viruses.

EPSXe’s official requirements are as follows:

  • Processor: Pentium 200 MHz, recommended Pentium 3 at 1 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB RAM, recommended 512 MB RAM
  • Video card: 3D capable video card with support for OpenGL, DirectX, or Glide
  • Operating system: Windows or Linux
  • CD-ROM: 16x or faster (optional)

Here’s mine for a comparison: (Note: Most games work perfectly (enough) on my laptop ;D)

  • Processor: Intel i3 Core 2.13GHz
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD5650 (1GB gfxRAM)
  • Operating System: Windows 7 HP 64 bit
  • CD-ROM 16x

Okay so you may be thinking “Waaaah, this is nothing” or maybe the opposite, but don’t fret, or not! -There’s more thinking to do! These are hopefully met by your system, but if not, you might be able to get the younger ePSXe versions working, or even go off in search of a less reliable, more compatible emu (good luck!)

Something I’ll say now, no matter how fast your system is at whatever you normally do, playstations don’t necessarily work well for what you normally do, so remember that being better doesn’t always help the game play any better, however, it seems that fancier graphics cards can be used to play your games (with less problems) at 32bit colour level (as opposed to the traditional Scanlined-16-bit that you might remember). Most systems can run this, however, this doesn’t mean it won’t crash or have lots of obvious errors.

Lets get you kitted out- follow the following link to the page where you can download the latest version (or previous versions if required)

setup file @ ePSXe Website (http://www.epsxe.com/download.php)

Just run the setup file once it’s all downloaded. The setup file contains a few plugins, but we’ll be picking most of our own, so worry about that later. You should just have to go through a wizard to set it up, and this shouldn’t take very long.


Okay so if you’ve downloaded and set up ePSXe by now, which I hope you have, it’s worth also downloading ePSXecutor, which is a ‘front end’ for ePSXe. If you don’t know what that is, or how it works in this context, open it and see the almighty blank screen in front of you. This is because you populate this with configurations for various games, or even ways of playing games. I’ll get into this later, but it’s worth downloading before you start getting properly set up.

Most emulators function similarly, it’s realistically only the individual differences you have to consider when you use one. I like ePSXe and have never felt the need to change (except for the changing of discs in the middle of MGS1- but that’s routed easily- look for advanced troubleshooting below).

If you’ve got this far and you’re an apple user… ahhhh unlucky! Find a Mac em

Andrew Fletcher

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